A perfect summer shoe with distinguished lines, the 1210 is shaped over the J last, Stefano Bemer’s signature last. The J last enhances elegantly and sensually the curve of the instep towards the ball line. The elongated nose, elevated instep and slimmer width (between a D and an E) makes this last contemporary without diminishing its elegance.

Each shoe is shipped with lasted shoe trees and a beautiful wooden box for proper storage.

The shipping timeframe depends on the availability of sizes. Once your order leaves Stefano Bemer’s store, orders take an average of 3-5 days to arrive to the destination.

Note: the sole pictured to the left is of another Stefano Bemer model, but is of the same type for this shoe.

Please note that prices for Stefano Bemer may vary depending on shipping destination. The actual price is calculated at checkout.