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Yuki Shirahama Bottier

Founded 2010 in Japan
Based in Fukuoka

The owner Yuki Shirahama received the title of The Guild of Master Craftsmen in the UK. He learned the hand welted method at Chihiro Yamaguchi's school. After that he trained with Koji Suzuki who is one of the most renowned bespoke shoemakers in Japan.

He then moved to Paris to study and got to learn what bespoke shoemaking really is about. He later went back to Fukushima, where he grew up, and opened his own workshop. His policy is to make beautiful shoes that are not too extravagant in style and go well with customers' personal style and what they really want. He uses a mixture of classical French designs and modern trends, and that's what makes his shoes unique and diverse. His goal is to make long lasting shoes that people can buy when they are 30 and wear until age 60.


Fukuoka, Japan



Construction methods

Hand welted, Blake Rapid

Product ranges


Price range


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