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Founded 1959 in Italy

Walles has been producing high quality footwear by Italian craftsmen using traditional methods since 1959. Past and future, professional dedication, and entrepreneurial skill all play their parts in the success of the brand, renowned for the value and comfort of its creations that uphold the value of tradition as proud ambassadors of Made in Italy culture and styling to the world.

Now in its third generation of family management, the Giacometti Brothers continue guiding the company by combining the indispensable values of tradition and experience with in-depth knowledge of the market and the ability to look to the future. The heart of the company remains its savoir-fare: principles and knowledge rooted in hand craftsmanship are a precious heritage that has been continuously developed and perfected over the years. Each step in the process is taken with the greatest attention, and every gesture testifies to a passion for details that make all the difference in the world.

Only the experience of wearing a pair of Walles shoes, however, can amply demonstrate the luxurious comfort and utter perfection of the fit.


, Italy



Construction methods

Goodyear welted, Norwegian, Blake

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