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Tranchet Vif

Founded 2016 in France
Based in Paris

L'Atelier du Tranchet (literally 'The Workshop of the Cutter') is a project created by three friends: Christophe Corthay, Toulouz and Philippe. Christophe and Toulouz have been trained at the Compagnons du Devoir and have been in charge of the bespoke atelier at Corthay for years. Philippe is a close friend of them and has been involved in the business development of Corthay, especially in Japan and the USA.

The workshop is based in Paris and has been designed as an atelier. They are creating bespoke shoes for men and women (under the Tranchet Vif label) as well as artistic shoes. One of their signature features is the sculpted heel in the shape of a refined and contemporary horseshoe. The production is highly limited and is to be seen as craftsmanship at the frontier of art.


Paris, France



Construction methods

Hand welted

Product ranges


Price range


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