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Founded 1976 in Hungary
Based in Budapest

Following family traditions, István Tóth established his company in 1976. He started to produce riding boots in the late 1980s based on his experience in shoemaking. This brought him to a new field in his profession which was full of challenges, and he managed to make good use of his professional skills as well as those of his craftsmen, who had been employed by the company since the beginning.

Having a strong basis due to his professional background, his activities turned out to be successful and Tóth gained nationwide fame in Hungary. Building on his previous experience as well as the advice and special requests of internationally acknowledged horse riders, he is continuously renewing and extending the product range, not only crafting riding boots but also classic men's and women's shoes, while keeping the classic traditions of this craft alive.

"Our chief principle is creating durable and stylish custom made footwear based on traditional manufacturing techniques. Since our establishment we have been producing each and every product with outstanding care and attention, using artisan techniques, quality leather and taking into account our customers' personal needs. Thus all of our models represent a lifelong genuine value."
- István Tóth


Budapest, Hungary



Construction methods

Hand welted

Product ranges

MTO, Bespoke

Price range


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