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Takayuki Maruyama

Founded 2008 in Japan
Based in Tokyo

Takayuki Maruyama quit his job at a clothing company so he could work with something where he could express himself more. He entered a shoe school in Tokyo and learned the basics of shoemaking. He had various jobs planning and designing shoes, all the while making handmade shoes on the side.

In 2006, he started working at Daikichi shoe store where he studied how to make handmade shoes with Reiko Tsukui.

In 2008, he started making handmade shoes in the name of "Takayuki Maruyama" at Taikichi shoe store.

In 2013, he started taking orders for bespoke shoes at Bless, a clothing store. A month later, he opened his own shoe store "Takayuki Maruyama Handmade Shoes".


Tokyo, Japan



Product ranges

MTO, Bespoke

Price range


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