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Based in Riedelberg

At Schuhwerk, protecting human health and the environment is the basis of what we do. That's why we do not accept cheap production in countries with questionable European working conditions nor do we use materials that are not healthy or ecological. There are alternative ways to produce shoes without inconsiderate consumption of raw materials and without polluting during the production processes.

Shoes that support the natural walking, convenient in form and beautiful in design. We use natural and renewable raw materials wherever possible for our shoes. That makes the manufacturing more expensive but it's worthwhile for you and the environment. Our sewn shoes are very durable, can be easily repaired and are therefore a good alternative to expensive fashion goods.

Schuhwerk shoes are free of chromates and heavy metals and thus particularly suitable for people with allergies. We are always analysing each manufacturing step and searching for alternative options for production. With this concept, we continue to work together with manufacturers and customers, who are convinced with our approach.


Riedelberg, Germany

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