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Founded 1816 in Austria
Based in Vienna

In 1816, Johann Scheer, the first born son of a Viennese wine grower, did something unthinkable at that time: he refused to continue the family business and followed his personal vision: he opened up his own shoemaking workshop in Vienna in 1816.

In 1873, the founder’s grandson Rudolf Scheer won the gold medal at the Vienna World Exhibition, which brought him national and international fame. In 1878 he was awarded purveyor to the court, an award that opened up the doors to the aristocratic world for him. He did not only manufacture the boots for the high ranked k.u.k. military officers, but also for most of the European Dynasties and Austrian Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef himself.

The business flourished, regular customers where the officers of the k.u.k. military, the aristocratic society of Europe and the wealthy Jewish upper class. In 1914, the business premises are enlarged furthermore and once again modernized. The product range now included women’s and men’s shoes, military boots, ski boots from seal leather and gaiters.

In 2011 Markus Scheer took over the company as the 7th generation leading the family business. Markus had received something essential from his grandfather, something beside the love and passion for the craft: The appreciation of the tradition. Yet he was also aware that the old could only persist with a forward focused vision. He expanded the workshop and took over the premises on the ground floor of the house next to the workshop. There he re founded the tradition of the Viennese bag maker and revived this craft with bringing talented and renowned artisans together under one roof.


Vienna, Austria



Construction methods

Hand welted, Goodyear welted

Product ranges

RTW, Bespoke

Price range


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