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Founded 1959 in Italy
Based in Fossò

Not by chance was Quarvif founded, over 50 years ago in 1959, in the Riviera del Brenta, not far from Venice. This magical area, dotted with Palladian villas, has for centuries been home to beauty, the centenary tradition of shoe-making handed here from one generation to the next. This tradition was inherited first by the founder's grandson Vitale Quartiero, and has now been embraced by his son Andrea, who keeps it alive with a maniacal passion, interpreting it with equal mastery in today's world, thanks to production of footwear that teams classic design with current fashions. For Quarvif each shoe bears the same importance as a piece of clothing, helping to define and narrate the personal style of the wearer.

Quarvif shoes are therefore the perfect complement to the clothes and luxury that have made Italian fashion famous all over the world. Every shoe is produced entirely by master shoemakers who have a deep knowledge of their art, with the hand stitching, prime quality leathers selected in their natural state, in-house dyeing using aniline colours, and exclusive details that have made it a sought-after brand worldwide. A member of the Associazione Maestri Calzaturieri Riviera del Brenta, the local master shoeMakers association. Quarvif is today a synonym of quality, creativity and Italian tradition and the company exports 80% of its production to top stores around the world".


Fossò, Italy



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Goodyear welted

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