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Paolo Scafora

Founded 1956 in Italy
Based in Napoli

Passion. Elegance. Pursuit of Perfection. Innovation respecting the Tradition. These are the cardinal points of Paolo Scafora. The artisanal story of our Family starts in the industrious alleys of Naples in 1956. Since then we have been designing and manufacturing high-end shoes, either ready-to-wear and bespoke. Every day we give new life to craft traditions that are fading elsewhere. Our shoes are totally hand-crafted by talented master artisans sharing solid values with our Family: passion, dedication, abnegation. We only use precious leather, such as French calf, American alligator and cordovan, as well as valuable linings of cashmere, ermine and mink. Every shoe is hand-stitched in accordance with the antique methods of the traditional shoe constructions: Bologna, Goodyear, Norwegian and Tyrolese. Each creation is hand-painted and embellished with unique nuances and sophisticated antique colour effects.


Napoli, Italy



Construction methods

Goodyear welted, Norwegian, Bologna, Tyrolesee

Product ranges


Price range


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