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Originelle Maßschuhe

Founded 2010 in Germany
Based in Karlsruhe

Benjamin Bigot's professional career has been decisively shaped by the Compagnons du Devoir, a contemporary trade association in France. The Compagnons du Devoir make it a point to support artisans who want to realise their goals and have a profession.

His love of traditional craft is just as important as the fact that he worked with a different master every year, thus appropriating the different ways of working professionally as well as to play a part personally.

After Training (1997-99) for a bespoke shoemaker in Marseille, Benjamin had his "Tour de France" of various professional fields of shoemaking. He worked with John Lobb Paris and in various other companies. These jobs allowed him to develop various aspects of his profession and above all to learn.

Since May 2010, he started his own business and studio in Karlsruhe, Germany. His goal is to show people that the old manufacturing techniques are still relevant nowadays. Through his ideas and innovations he aims to modernise this wonderful ancient tradition of shoemaking and redefine it.


Karlsruhe, Germany



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Hand welted

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