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Mr. John’s Shoes

Founded 2013 in Spain

Tradition. Passion. Crafts. Quality. Dedication. Personality. These are the values that underpin the work of Mr. John's.

We design, create and manufacture our shoes under traditional standards, monitoring of the best master shoemakers and using high quality materials meticulously selected. In Mr. John's have the opportunity to be part of this laborious and craft creative process. The foundations of Mr. John's are built does more than a year, in September 2013, when Juan Alberto Ollero, CEO of the brand, began to capture on paper the initial ideas of what is now the firm. Thanks to his knowledge of the fashion world and particularly in the footwear industry, where he has worked professionally for the past six years in another fashion brand, Juan Alberto has managed to materialise in Mr. John's was latent demand among lovers of good shoes. The constancy, perseverance, good taste and new technologies, have done the rest.

Mr. John's was born and presented to the world in 2014 with a clear aspiration: to offer a high quality footwear, exclusive, elegant, sophisticated and unique, where the consumer is the real protagonist and brand designer. Supported under the umbrella of English tradition and craftsmanship shoes made in Spain, and that is reflected in the image of Mr. John's: an English bulldog with moustache wearing a bowler hat. Made by the best hands in Spain.


, Spain



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