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Based in Berlin

With our master craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, your shoes and feet are in the best hands. We welcome you to our factory in Berlin and advise you for free and without obligation!

One in three adults suffer from symptoms in the areas of the knee, hip, spine and bone structure which are associated with deformities of the feet. With the right orthopaedic custom footwear, foot problems caused by discomfort can be fixed or alleviated.

Bespoke shoes of Meisterschuh are carefully crafted. In our factory, we only process high-quality and naturally tanned leathers. So we guarantee a durable and breathable custom made shoe with high comfort. From the choice of the model to the production to final polishing - every measure is unique. We provide a bespoke shoemaker and orthopaedic technician course for a healthy appearance and each pair of custom-made shoes come with individual orthopaedic footbeds.

In our shoe repair we focus on quality and service. Craftsmanship and careful selection of materials are our top priority.


Berlin, Germany

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