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Founded 1969 in Spain
Based in Almansa

Located in Almansa, La Mancha, Spain - Lorens Shoes have been synonymous with quality shoemaking since 1969. Our handcrafted Blake-stitched footwear is crafted to impeccable standards using only the very finest materials.

Over two generations we have acquired an enviable reputation for the most excellent made to order service, enabling our clients to compliment their wardrobe with the vast range of styles we offer for every occasion.

Our skills and knowledge developed through the years are invested in each and every shoe we produce ensuring every pair is stylish and unique but also fits to perfection with comfort paramount.

At Lorens we are constantly striving to improve the service we provide for our global clientele, which includes a full refurbishment service ranging from a full re-sole and re-heel to a simple refinishing of edges and uppers.

Lorens.es was created with the intent of forging a vitally important link direct from Lorens Shoes to customer, opening a new luxury e-boutique dedicated to showcasing our in-house Heritage Collection. We offer private label development work in addition to our ranges.


Almansa, Spain



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