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Founded 2012 in Italy
Based in Florence

L’ bardi is a luxury lifestyle brand conceived in 2012 by Andrea Pierce, Andy to family and Friends, to provide affordable luxury handmade Italian shoes and Accessories. The company started out as Andy Tom, however the company recently decided to undergo a rebrand to highlight the fact that each product is 100% handmade in Italy, something Andrea felt should be expressed in the name of the brand, the result was the name L’ bardi. The name L’ bardi comes from the shortening of our founder's family heritage, Longobardi, a longstanding Italian family with ties to the esteemed and influential Bardi family.

L’bardi exemplifies the tradition of Italian elegance and craftsmanship, Calzoleria L’ bardi started out manufacturing and selling the iconic driving shoe, overtime the brand has evolved to make and introduce new models to its collection, including varying forms of loafers, boots and belts that represent true casual elegance. Quality, passion, artistry and the pursuit of perfection are the hallmarks of L’bardi, qualities that are present in each and every pair that leaves our workshop.


Florence, Italy



Construction methods

Norwegian, Goyser, Hand welted

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