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Founded 1913 in Italy
Based in Florence

Since 1913 Harris have been manufacturing shoes by hand with a fine eye for detail. This delicate hand crafting means that Harris stands only amongst the finest. Harris began by producing military shoes where they became renowned for their strength and durability. Using this experience accompanied by style and originality it has made Harris the distinguished shoe manufacturer it is today. Providing practicable and elegant shoes to the consumer.

For over 100 years Harris has used the same handmade process combining style and affordability to create the unique product seen today. Quality is of the highest importance to Harris. So much so that even today owner Bruno Famiglietti oversees the handcrafting of the shoes and ensures that only the finest materials are used. With Bruno the creative force behind Harris it has ensured that the same dedication and eye for detail is carried on to each generation. Harris shoes are born not only through the finest workmanship but by a passion for artisan shoes. Whilst the style of artisan shoes changes over time the Harris shoe remains a constant. Its craftsmen putting their passion and dedication into the handmade shoes each day to produce an outstanding product.


Florence, Italy



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