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Founded 1947 in Germany
Based in Neumünster

Although bespoke work is sometimes regarded as the epitome of luxury, it is in essence a solid, grounded craft. How to make a good shoe starts on the ground - with tape measure, pen and paper.

Martin Harai mapped the foot with great accuracy and sound anatomical knowledge: symmetry of the toes, height of the instep, the circumference of the bale - in the very first step, you can feel the high standards.

Combining style, cut, shape and colour, the choice of impeccable Boxcalf, soft suede or rugged Cardovan under the expert guidance is one of the most beautiful moments in the process. What follows is experience, instinct and craftsmanship around leather and strips. It is a Budapest family tradition, passed down from father to son, Julius Harai.

Harais shoes are presented in the dark green box with the Hungarian Holy Crown. It takes about two months and more than 1000 steps: cutting, skiving, vitrification, walking, tweaking, sewing - these have barely changed along the centuries.

The shoe models themselves even today have the great classics feel: Oxford, Derby, Monk, Norwegians, Brogue and again the famous Budapest, are all so closely linked to the name Harai. Timelessly beautiful, classic and yet highly topical.


Neumünster, Germany



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