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Founded 1898 in The Netherlands
Based in Waalwijk

In the heart of Langstraat, in the city of Waalwijk, Hermanus Greve began his shoemakers' shop in 1898. From the very beginning his workshop had only one goal: to make Holland's most stylish and superior shoes. Since then Greve has become a small, yet very exclusive Dutch shoe brand. Today we are still very much reminiscent of our rich history. We remain a proud family business, which is currently run by one of the 4th generation of Greves: Mr. Jos Jan Greve IV.

The brand Greve became famous for its handmade, traditional brogues and moccasins. Today Greve is a stylish, fashionable shoe of inimitable quality. Since August 2015, that image is captured in a campaign, in collaboration with artist Marie Cecile Thijs. Produced with today's techniques.


Waalwijk, The Netherlands



Construction methods

Goodyear welted, Blake

Product ranges

RTW, Bespoke

Price range


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