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Founded 1976 in Italy
Based in Rome

The Giacopelli shoe factory was born in 1976 when Ugo Giacopelli after having had a stall for 20 years decided to open his own workshop. Exactly 20 years later, driven by our passion for shoes and by the desire to express our creativity, we decided to leave everything behind and start this new adventure alongside Ugo in order to learn the art of shoemaking. Today, thanks to the experience matured over the years, we have our own laboratory where the past is not history but everyday life and where authentic craftsmanship comes to life day after day.

Each pair of shoes we produce is unique. We provide made-to-measure shoes with an exclusive design (also customised) both with regards to the type of leather, shape and heel height, as well as the choice of colours and decorations giving our clients the possibility of being different and underlining their individuality. Great attention is paid to polishing which further customises our shoes. Each pair of shoes is hand-sewn using different manufacturing techniques such as Goodyear and Norwegian.


Rome, Italy



Construction methods

Goodyear welted, Norwegian

Product ranges


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