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George’s Shoes

Founded 1967 in Spain
Based in Mallorca

We belong to the third generation of a family of shoemakers, produce our shoes in Mallorca under the guidelines of the Mediterranean manufacturing tradition. The meticulous attention to detail and the materials used are unique to the utilitarian elegance.

We believe that our society has drenched itself in greed and drowned its conscience. We want to tell the world to buy less and live more. We have a laid-back, contemplative way of looking at our environment, prizing quality over quantity. George's is a rather anarchic approach to fashion. We make an understated shoe of well-polished leather, full of nuances that age at the same pace as the wearer; it is a compilation of testimonies to bygone eras and an entire lifetime. Our designs identify traditional elements and modify the very context of a modern world, the world with which our shoes coexist and where they appropriate new technologies.


Mallorca, Spain



Construction methods

Goodyear welted, Blake, Bologna

Product ranges


Price range


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