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Founded 2015 in Italy
Based in Bologna

Character and tradition. Vision and craftsmanship.

Through its distinctive approach, Fanga puts a modern spin on the deeply rooted artisan culture, giving birth to an extraordinary selection of high quality Italian handmade shoes.

The ancient art of shoemaking finds new life thanks to a new concept of style, through the creation of innovative designs. This is made possible by an accurate product research, a careful concept study and a fresh unique designs

Fanga found the perfect balance between style and comfort, thanks to the constant quest for excellence in every single detail.
Fanga translates the uniqueness of every client in a refined product of excellent character.

We add a personalised metal detail to every shoe, in order to further enrich the uniqueness of each product. An exclusive detail to which the customer can contribute, choosing its shape, material, coding and symbol.

To Fanga, excellence in every detail is the leitmotif of customer relationship: from the packaging choice, all the way to the accessories and the purchase experience


Bologna, Italy



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Goodyear welted

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