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Diamond Walker

Founded 2012 in Singapore
Based in Singapore

Diamond Walker is a bespoke shoe brand from Singapore specializing in quality leather shoes for men, offering full customizations with made-to-measure services.

Headquartered in Singapore, our shoes are designed by leading designers and handmade by craftsmen in Seoul.

We make the finest bespoke men's shoes with quality craftsmanship & materials and have the widest range of styles to suit any occasion, any mood and fashion style.

Diamond Walker's vision is to become an internationally recognized bespoke shoe brand that is leading the industry in quality and fashion relevance.

Our mission is to provide the man in the street the widest range of good looking footwear for every occasion that is high quality, yet at affordable prices.

Offering an unprecedented range of shoe styles, far beyond other bespoke men’s shoemakers from Europe and America, Diamond Walker’s handcrafted footwear offers dress shoes encompassing the classic oxfords, brogues, derby and monks; semi-formal versions of the classics that incorporate interesting colours, different leather types and heels as well as casual shoes which include loafers, moccasins, sandals, hiking boots, riding boots, chelsea boots and fashion boots


Singapore, Singapore



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Hand welted

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