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D.W. Frommer II

United States
Based in Oregon

D.W. Frommer has made western boots for over forty years. He has had boots displayed by the Cowboy Hall of Fame and has boots on permanent exhibition at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles.

D.W. is the author of three full tutorial books, covering the construction of different styles of western boots. The first of those books, Western Bootmaking: An American Tradition, has also been made into a 27 hour instructional video.

In recent years, D.W. has belonged to several guilds of bootmakers. In contests sponsored by these organisations, he has won every finished work contest that he has entered, including "Best of Show," and "Bootmaker of the Year."

In 2007, to have something to do after his retirement, he started to make shoes, putting in all his knowledge and experience from decades of crafting cowboy footwear.


Oregon, United States

Construction methods

Hand welted

Product ranges


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