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Founded 1937 in Italy
Based in Naples

Nuova Crisci

In 1924, the young Raffaele Crisci started a shoemaking facility in the basement of his house in Arienzo, Caserta, using the aid and knowledge of the old masters from Salerno. Six years later the workshop was moved to Bagnoli and it now became a factory with roughly 30 workers and the machinery of the time (some of which are still in use today). During the first World War the company had to cease its production due to the bombings in Bagnoli. The activity was reopened in 1934 by Raffaele's son Antonio, who had achieved his experience and knowledge working at other shoemaking factories the region.
Still today, all of the brand's production is carried out in their factory in Naples.

Crisci makes ready to wear, made to order and sometimes even bespoke shoes on request. The main construction method is Blake, but also the Blake Rapid and Goodyear welt techniques are being used. They also make a special British style edition which is 100% made by a hand with Goodyear welt construction. The house works only with retailers in Italy and do not have an online store.


Naples, Italy



Construction methods

Blake, Blake rapid, Goodyear welt

Product ranges

RTW, MTO, Bespoke

Price range


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