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Brooks Brothers (Peal & Co)

Founded 1818 in United States
Based in New York

You can’t talk about American menswear without mentioning Brooks Brothers Co.
The classic menswear company was founded in Manhattan, New York by Henry Sands Brooks, who´s revolutionary idea was to produce and sell ready-to-wear clothes for men rather the then dominating made-to-measure garments.
The company is the oldest men´s clothier in the United States and is also one of the most famous. After Henrys Death the company was taken over by his sons and the company name then became Brooks Brothers Co. The brands garments is a cornerstone the American mans wardrobe and a the name is synonymously with the American East coast style, also known as “Ivy leauge” style, endorsed by icons as Miles Davis, Woody Allen and John F Kennedy.
In addition to fashion staples as their iconic button-down shirt, suits chinos and sweaters Brooks Brothers also carry a line of classic mens shoes.

In 1965 the company purchased the English bespoke bootmaker Peal & Co (founded in in 1765) and since then they market a range of shoes and other goods under that name. However, the Peal & Co shoes are today manufactured by various Northampton firms, most notably Crockett and Jones.

Brooks Brothers also carry classic style shoes in their own name, produced in Italy, Portugal and the US. The main manufacturer of their “Made in USA” line is reputated Alden Shoes of New England.

The brand also makes collaborations with classic shoemakers as Red Wing and Edward Green.


New York, United States



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Goodyear welted

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