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Bettanin & Venturi

Founded 1856 in Italy
Based in Milano

Bettanin & Venturi is an Italian family and artisan company that manufactures exclusive luxury men's shoes. The brand was founded by Giuseppe Bettanin and Gianna Venturi in 1994, but the history goes as far back as 1856 and the traditions and knowledge of shoemaking has been handed down from father to son since five generations.
Since the second half of the 19th century, at Thiene (near Vicenza), the Bettanins worked leather goods, like trappings and shoes; but it's in the next century that they specialize exclusive in shoes, from working boots to hiking boots and sewed shoes.
During World War II several military boots for partisans were manufactured, while in the 50s, the gradual passage from crafts to industry began. In these years a young Giuseppe learnt the basics of the craft.
In the 70s that Guiseppe started his entrepreneurial activity, when he moved to Verona where he set up his first company, Sheraton, producting pret-a-porter shoes, beside being consultant for several importers. In 1977 he married with Gianna Venturi, Sheraton's master of giunteria, and together they decided to start a new business, Bettanin & Venturi.

Bettanin & Venturi’s production is located in Vigasio in the Province of Verona, Italy.

The brand is known for its very refined leather colorings and has a limited distribution in the world: in the United States for example it is an exclusive of Barneys New York.
The company's products have occasionally been used in fiction as examples of the sine qua non of the footwear of the ultra-rich.


Milano, Italy



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Goodyear welted, Norwegian

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