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Barker Black

Founded 1880 in United Kingdom
Based in Northampton

Barker Black was founded as the modern alternative to Barker Shoes. With their sleek design and time-tested construction, Barker Black shoes and accessories have a playful spirit but are appropriate in even the strictest workplace. Barker Black upholds the standards established by generations of renowned craftsmen but with modern styling that brings excitement back to dressing.

Nicknamed "Bingham's Dandies" because of their dress prowess; one imagines how the Lancers would dress themselves in today's world. The Barker Black collection's young, sleek, sophisticated design with a touch of arrogance conjures up images of the regiment's black and silver dress regalia. These principals are the cornerstones of Barker Black, all in an attempt to dress the modern day Lancer.

Discovered in an ancient silk weaver's archive in Sudbury, England, adopted by Barker Black Ltd. the decommissioned regiment's motto captures the spirit energy and, sophistication of Barker Black. There is an unmistakable presence of the Lancers in every piece of the Collection.


Northampton, United Kingdom



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Goodyear welted

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