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Founded 2011 in Italy
Based in Milano

A shoe never lies. A shoe tells the world who you are and alone it can change the way a man presents himself. A well dressed man with ugly shoes is nothing but a man with ugly shoes. A stylish man doesn't have to be "trendy". He doesn't care about trends, he gets noticed for his uniqueness and elegance.

These are the convictions behind the project Barbanera, started in 2011 by two couples of brothers. Although coming from very different working backgrounds (a rock musician, an advertising executive for luxury brands and two entrepreneurs) they share the passion for hand crafted shoes and the conviction that style is something that you can only recognise once you see it and it has nothing to do with temporary fashion.

Each one of these four partners contributed with his personal taste for the creation of a unique collection of gentlemen shoes which can be "dandy" as well as "classic" thanks to the design and dedicated and passionate selection of materials and colours.


Milano, Italy



Construction methods

Goodyear welted

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