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Founded 1991 in Hungary
Based in Budapest

Attila is based in Budapest, Hungary and make classic shoes using the Goyser and hand welting techniques. The craftsmanship has been passed on from father to son in the family for generations. Master Kovacs Attila was taught the secrets and the love of the shoemaking profession by his father the same way as his father was once taught by his grandfather.

Born and raised in Oradea, Kovacs practically grew up in the workshop where he learned to love the profession of shoemaking, with all of the beauty and hardships that go with it. After finishing school, he decided to take up the family tradition and become a shoemaker. In 1991 he founded his own enterprise. The brand provides affordable but premium quality made-to-order and ready-to-wear shoes. The style of the brand is rooted in the Austrian-Hungarian shoemaking tradition, but they also make shoes with more contemporary lasts and models.

The best way get your hands on a pair is to visit their store at Váci Utca 10, central Budapest. The shoes can be made in a large selection of leathers including exotics such as stingray, shark, ostrich, eel, python, seal, cayman, crocodile and lizard, and they also offer an antiquing service. The leather soles used are either their own house variety or oak-tanned and made by Joh. Rendenbach. Master Attila makes all the shoes himself, and a pair of shoes take about six weeks to complete.


Budapest, Hungary



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Hand welted

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