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Founded 1990 in Italy
Based in Ferrara

By blending tradition and technology, Artioli products attained results that were unimaginable at the start of Severino's career when in 1912 he began to work in the shoe shop for his first master shoemaker in Ferrara. At that time shoemakers worked with few tools which allowed them to obtain only certain limited homogeneity in product and finish; Severino quickly became prominent inventing and improving innovative tools and production processes together with expert mechanics, which gradually implemented shoemaking techniques over the years.

It was in 1990, when Andrea started up in the company, that the Maison presented its comfortable casual line called 'Andrea by Artioli', a shoe that would fit almost as if it was made to size, because it was tubular and, like a glove, would adapt and conform to the foot wearing it.

To match their fine footwear, Andrea also created belts in the same leathers with precious buckles, together with lines of wallets, bags, luggage, gloves, jackets, coats. All of this was inspired by fashion's will to see a man dressed in a refined, elegant and sophisticated manner. The new line 'Years 2010' was launched, an extremely innovative technical revelation based on much research, study and experimentation, introducing the systems 'One shoe two fittings' and 'Dry feet every day', which allow a double fit and ensure fresh feet even in hot weather.


Ferrara, Italy



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