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Founded 1973 in France
Based in Paris

Sukru Sensozlu, from Konya, Turkey, started his training as a boot maker in his home country when he was eleven years old and then continued his apprenticeship with the greatest Parisian specialists in bespoke shoe-making for men and women.

In 1973, he created his own workshop of bespoke shoes, named after his son born the same year, Altan. His talent soon caught the attention of the most demanding customers, and Altan Bottier then began, and continues to this day, to work in collaboration with the film industry, museums and the Comédie-Française, among others.

In 1998, the firm, who at that time specialised exclusively in bespoke shoe-making, designed and launched a bench-made collection made in accordance with very strict specifications. This first collection offered a specific feature, which has since then become Altan's hallmark: the possibility to entirely personalise the shoe colour. Thus, each customer is free to choose the colour and patina he desires. Since then, Altan Bottier has acquired a firm reputation with connoisseurs of unique high quality shoes. In order to offer a complete customer service, Altan Bottier provides high-end maintenance and repair service.


Paris, France



Construction methods

Goodyear welted

Product ranges

RTW, MTO, Bespoke

Price range


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