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Alessandro Stella

Based in Siena

Alessandro Stella is an Italian shoemaker with over fifty-five years of experience. He believes that the Italian lovers for quality men’s leather shoes have declined over the last number of years with most clients ordering from America, Northern Europe and China
Alessandro produces and sells shoes that are made to measure, unique models and hand sewn. The production time to complete the shoes is roughly two months.

The average price per pair is around € 900, but ranges from €1,600 to €2,500. The hide and materials used to produce the shoes mainly come from Italian tanneries, but there are also a small number of French, American and British suppliers. Each model requires an average of fifteen clippings and pieces to create a complete pair of shoes. It is not unusual for Alessandro to use crocodile or alligator leather within he’s designs.
“From order to delivery, there are no less than 150 steps to produce the footwear. The price is still low, but the quality and workmanship is assured,” says Alessandro.
From the small shop in Siena, he manages to produce up to 200 pairs of shoes, without relying on external labor within a year.

"My clients are about 40 years old and come here after several years of experience with footwear. Young men in their twenties are still loyal to modern disposable shoe culture, but with age they will understand that quality costs, but pays in terms of performance over time, "thinks Stella.

After three decades of work in solitude, might reveal an unexpected surprise. "My son has a degree in Philosophy and returned from England. He has a strong craftsmanship, but it remains to be seen if he can find the passion to do this job. I do believe in the near future there we will be two here to produce shoes.


Siena, Italy

Construction methods

Hand welted

Product ranges

Bespoke, MTW

Price range


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