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Aguirre & Gross

Based in Madrid

Aguirre & Gross creates a completely made-to-measure handmade shoe. They go wherever their clients are, taking no longer than 48 hours in Spain and one week for the rest of the world where they present their leather, lasts and model samples. The shoes are delivered to the customer within two months of the measurements being taken and A & G guarantees that these shoes are handmade from start to finish. The leather is Bovine and Cordovan and are manually tanned with vegetable products. No machinery is used and it is all hand sewn with linen thread for the uppers and hemp for the soles, impregnated with pine resin and beeswax.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a shoemaker who sews shoe parts by hand; this art ceased when the first sewing machine was invented in 1851. Their hand-crafted shoe-making techniques go back over 200 years. These shoes capture the essence of craftsmanship at its best. Their customers will receive a CD with pictures of how his shoes are made. To make the Tallaje, they use both manual and mechanical techniques. Without neglecting the craft work at any time, they have introduced some machines to speed up the manufacturing process and thus obtain a more affordable shoe. Using the best leathers and raw materials, A & G obtain a top quality product that is within everybody’s reach.

A & G manufactures their shoes with 100% vegetable-tanned bovine leather using extracts from plants such as quebracho and mimosa, which subsequently undergo a manual process of greasing, made up from giving the leathers different layers of natural grease and olive oil, work which is done individually and by hand, which is a fundamental difference with leathers that come from an industrial manufacturing process. This process gives the leather a flexibility and texture that are unique in this business. This leather is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which guarantees that it is free from heavy metals and any other substances that could be harmful when in contact with human skin.


Madrid, Spain

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