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Shoe Care: Saphir Médaille d’Or Mirror Gloss

Posted in Feature by Hannes Rebas

A perfect mirror shine is a feast for the eyes, but can be elusive and time-consuming to achieve. A new type of wax polish has just been introduced that aims to make the discerning shoe shiner’s life a little bit easier.

French luxury shoe care brand Saphir, made by Avel in southwestern France (to who we paid a visit in July), have recently added a new type of wax polish to their renowned Médaille d’Or line: Mirror Gloss. It can be used as an alternative or complement to the universally praised Médaille d’Or High Gloss wax polish, and costs around twice as much. As the name suggests, this new recipe promises exceptional shine to be achievable with less effort.

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It is made up of a secret mixture of various hard waxes which have been selected to produce a higher than usual shine, including carnauba and beeswax, in combination with turpentine oil distilled from live pine trees. The popular Médaille d’Or line High Gloss wax polish is softer and has some slightly nourishing and hydrating qualities, while the Mirror Gloss has a higher concentration of hard waxes and dries up faster, thus allowing for less rest in between wax polish layering.

When applying wax polish, one should always make sure that the leather has been properly cared for, as the primary purpose of applying wax is to create a shiny barrier against dirt and water, not to nourish the leather. If wax polish is applied to dry leather, it will keep out any afterwards applied shoe care products and reduce breathability, hastening the formation of cracks and generally reduce the shoe’s lifespan. As Mirror Gloss contains less nourishing agents, it is highly recommended that you use a shoe cream or leather conditioner before applying Mirror Gloss (or wax polish in general). Mirror Gloss also works well as a finishing touch on top of an existing layer of regular wax polish.

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Just like with any wax polish, it should be applied in thin layers to the toe box and rear quarters, avoiding soft areas prone to creasing. The trick of adding an occasional drop of water (or spit) to bring out some extra shine works very well with the Mirror Gloss, and it is available in two colours: black and neutral.

Is Médaille d’Or Mirror Gloss necessary to achieve a beautiful mirror shine, or glaçage as the French call it? Not nearly. The price tag will likely keep the most budget-minded shoppers away, and the regular Médaille d’Or High Gloss already does its job exceptionally well. But as it promises quicker drying times and fewer layers to create a perfectly smooth and glossy surface, in addition to being a natural quality product, we are more than excited.

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