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Park Avenue by Allen Edmonds

Posted in Iconic by Hannes Rebas

A conservative workhorse shoe sturdily built in the soon-to-be centenarian company's Wisconsin factory, the most understated model of American quality shoemaker Allen Edmonds also happens to be the most well-known - thanks in no small part to it being the shoe of choice of four US presidents to their inauguration days.

Ronald Reagan was supposedly a big Allen Edmonds fan, later convincing George H.W. Bush to wear them, and it carried on with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. But Allen Edmonds can no longer advertise presidential patronage, as Barack Obama (to the horror of many a patriotic shoe lover) allegedly went with a pair of non-US-made shoes from Nike-owned Cole Haan, despite being gifted two pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes, one of them a pair of shiny black Park Avenues.

Timeless, robust and formal, they feature six hole oxford lacing, a short and plain toe cap secured with double stitching and a triple-stitched throatline. The toebox is rounded and the overall design is simple and conservative.

The sturdy calf upper and Goodyear-welted thick leather sole with open channel stitching guarantee many years of faithful service and easy re-soling (Allen Edmonds are one of the few makers that provide a cheap and excellent re-soling and reconditioning service themselves) after the initial break-in period.

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